The Fledgling Recruiter-Bot

The Fledgling Recruiter-Bot


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In a previous post, I discuss the cowboy coder.

This job posting (an excerpt) actually appeared recently on a popular professional networking platform:

It got me thinking a little further about the impact of AI in the recruiting sector. Indeed, while speaking with a recruiter recently (an actual real person, on the phone), we touched on this a little, and the extra challenges that both recruiters and candidates are facing as a result.

This kind of disruption is not unusual when some "new" tech is being adopted and evolved.

Rather than try to articulate some of my thinkings, for now, at least, I'm going to simply leave you with this:

In my post (mentioned above), I use the term Wild Wild West to refer to the coding cowboy culture. Indeed, one might be inclined to use it to refer to the state of tech recruitment at the moment (especially as more and more companies embrace the work-from-home model)... no doubt the churn will settle down and things will improve in this space, and hopefully I won't end up having to modify this WWW term to a WW! [apologies, I couldn't resist]